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Friday, September 11, 2015

Pleasant Dreams!

Tomorrow is a Chance to Start Over
Bedtime Story and Dream Songs
written by Hillary Grist
Storybook and Music CD
The Secret Mountain 2015
48 pages
Creative Recording Studios 2015
ISBN-10: 2924217296
ISBN-13: 978-2924217290
Ages 0-5

The book, Tomorrow is a Chance to Start Over, tells a sweet story in rhyming verse form about two young children who have difficulty sleeping in the noisy world of the city. The children decide to take their boat and sail away to a quieter place. Floating across the sea, lit by a“moon-kissed sky,” they eventually arrive at a special land filled with twisty trails, bubbling rivers, and colorful trees. It's a dreamlike place where wishes are made and the children take flight.

The music cd which accompanies the story book is remarkable. It begins with Ms. Grist's narration guided by her wonderful song, “Tomorrow is a Chance to Start Over.” Eight additional songs fill the air with gentle floating melodies.

This peaceful bedtime treasure will carry any child and even adults towards a contented and satisfying sleep.

I received this book set in exchange for a review.

Learn More About It

Here is Hilary Grists website that not only lets you take a look inside the book, it also allows you to listen to and choose songs from the music cd.  This is a great opportunity to see for yourself how wonderful this book and cd are but I would also recommend that you purchase the set for your own personal use.

Check it out!

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